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Every day, every year for more than the past two decades, APEF has invested in the students and teachers of today to empower a more promising future. Initiatives like composting on campus, construction and technology grants to fund cutting-edge technology, and sensory reading pods make our school district an exceptional place to learn and grow. These valuable programs received funding directly from APEF.

Why We need your help

APEF’s mission is to provide the financial support needed to empower our teachers and schools to provide educational opportunities above and beyond the standard curriculum. Tax dollars and state and federal funds provide just enough money to pay for the basic New York State required classes and programs. Additional activities, classes, programs, and enrichments must be supported through “outside” funding sources. 

“I have been preparing for new projects and dreaming big about the potential for Averill Park.  Your generosity with grants supporting the teachers of Averill Park is immeasurable.” – Melissa Weatherwax

“Thanks to APEF for the continued support!   I see the impact each day in this building, and I promise it’s substantial!”  APHS Principal Heath Quiles 

Our success depends on the generosity of our donors

Thank you to our Legacy Donors $4,000 and above

Jeanne, Adam, and Ben Stewart Fund
Lucille A. Herold Charitable Trust
Opalka Family Donor Advised Fund
W.G. Broughton Foundation

Our success depends on the generosity of our donors

“The simple words "thank you" don't seem to capture enough appreciation for this generous opportunity you are giving us! Mrs. Rosher and I feel very passionately about this service dog project, as I hope you could tell from our proposal. This project simply would not come to fruition without your support! We will now be able to offer many opportunities for the puppy to become a contributing member of the West Sand Lake Elementary School community! Again, thank you."

Megan Beauchamp  & Keri Rosher
West SL 2023 service dog Grant Recipients)


As a local education foundation, we rely on the generosity of our community to help us achieve our annual fundraising goals. The more donations we receive, the greater our impact. You can make a difference in a number of ways. 

We are grateful for “cash” donations of any amount, items for our gala auction, including the use of vacation homes, artwork, wellness services, home goods, and more. Gifts-in-kind, including printing, food and beverages, and professional services and consulting, are all extremely valuable. Sponsorships at all levels and underwriting for specific initiatives are always welcome! 


Please help us on our mission to continue to heighten and expand opportunities for our students, teachers, and graduates. Your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated AND can go even further with corporate matching gifts. Inquire about your employer’s matching gift programs and complete the required forms today. THANK YOU. 

(If you think you have a donation that could help our cause but are unsure, please contact one of our trustees. Creative ideas and unique contributions are enthusiastically encouraged!)

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Art Department Upgrades

Kiln Grant, Miller Hill Elementary 2021 Kiln Grant, Algonquin Middle School 2022