Sensory Reading Pod Grant

Poestenkill Elementary School 2022

Previous Grants

The Averill Park Education Foundation is proud of the diverse and impactful grants awarded in the past. Each funding cycle, we eagerly anticipate receiving and reviewing the wide variety of creative grant applications. Take a few minutes to check out some of our previously funded projects. These examples may help direct and inspire you as you complete your grant application!

Creative Grants

2009 Literary Club APHS
2009 Garden Club APHS
2009 Symphonic Composer APHS
2009 Dance Crazy Program: Lessons & Competitions APHS
2009 Justo Lamas Performance APHS
2009 Rachel's Challenge Program APHS
2009 Forensic APHS
2010 Adventure Based Learning APHS
2010 Greenhouse Project AHPS
2010 Odyssey of the mind OOTM
2010 30 Pairs of Snowshoes PES
2012 Computer Grant APCSD
2012 12 computer ntebooks & Storage Locketr AMS
2012 ASO Support Elementary
2012 Homespunce Dance APHS
2012 Camera Equipment(12 total) APHS
2012 Enio Emanual Perfrmance AMS
2012 Robotics Kits / Project Lead the Way APHS
2013/2014 Honey Bee Chamber & Observation APHS
2013/2014 Materials for Vex robotic competition APHS
2013/2014 24 precision laptops and mobile cart for Wi-Fi APHS
2013/2014 New kiln, kiln furniture & air system APHS
2013/2014 Purchase of percussion instruments concert quality xylophone, marimba, bells APHS
2013/2014 Support for West Sand Lake chronicle newspaper journalism project WSL
2013/2014 Albany Symphony orchestra WSL
2013/2014 purchase of bio technology equipment and consumables APHS
2013/2014 technology lab seminar course for seniors APHS
2013/2014 purchase of 28 easels for the high school art department APHS
2013/2014 funding to support middle school students at Odyssey of the mind competition APCSD
2013/2014 funding to support off-Broadway players APHS
2013/2014 funding to support author visit from Ryan Smithson for ninth grade ELA APHS
2014 Summer Blended Learning Recovery Course APHS
2014/2015 Purchase of 20 soprano ukuleles for middle school music program AMS
2014/2015 funding for homespun community dance performance at high school APHS
2014/2015 purchase of materials for hands-on science projects WSL
2014/2015 support an expansion of smart kids New York program Elementary
2014/2015 Science Wetland Grant West Sand Lake
2014/2015 Purchase of Apex tutorial software and 8 chrome books for middle school AMS
2014/201 Science Grant additional West Sand Lake
2014/2015 Purchase of materials and registration cost for a VEX robotic clubs competition APHS
2014/2015 13th year supporting Albany symphony orchestra adopt a school program Elementary
2015 Therodore Roosevelt Re-Enactor Apprearance Community Organization
2015 New Visions We The People Nationals APHS
2015 EDC Construction Technology Tools & Bus APHS
2015 4 Timpani Drums APHS
2015/2016 Artist in Residence PES/MH/WSL Elementary
2015/2016 Minds On Language Immersion Program HS APHS
2015/2016 Maker Bot 3D Printer AMS AMS
2015/2016 Microphones AMS AMS
2015/2016 Pergola HS APHS
2016 Tech Grant 3 D Printer AMS
2016/2017 ASO PES/MH/WSL Elementary
2016/2017 Google Expedition AMS AMS
2016/2017 FOSS Energy Modules WSL WSL
2017 Rock Tumbler WSL
2016/2017 iPad minis SPED APHS
2016 Jonathan Mueller - speaker (anti drug) APHS
2016/2017 Richard Jensen - speaker APHS
2016/2017 Piano - partial funding AMS
2016/2017 Wonder grant Elementary
2016/2017 TV Studio Equipment AMS
2016/2017 Language Immersion APHS
2016/2017 Apple TV for math classrooms APHS
2016 Forensic Science Grant APHS
2016 Paratore Author Visit and Writer in residence Elementary
2017/2018 Flip Forms MH MH
2017/2018 Earth Dome Elementary
2017/2018 Author Visit - Eric Luper PES/WSL/MH-writer in Residence Elementary
2017/2018 Theatre on the Go AMS
2017/2018 Author Visit - Jennifer Donnelly AMS
2017/2018 TI Innovator Hub APHS
2017/2018 Student Canvas - Art APHS
2017/2018 Homespun Community Dancing APHS
2017/2018 Language Immersion APHS
2017/2018 One School One Book Skype AMS
2017/2018 Vernier EKG sensors APHS
2017/2018 Human Brain Lab Equipment HS/Cardiac equiment APHS
2017/2018 Lost Boy of Sudan author visit AMS
2018/2019 Prom Speakers APHS
2018/2019 Little Bits Workshop Sets PES
2018/2019 Author Visit - Eric Luper Elementary
2018/2019 Mr. Herren - guest speaker APHS
2018/2019 Story Pirates Elementary
2018/2019 Tone Chime PES
2019/2020 USB Microphones AMS
2019/2020 ANGST Screening APHS
2019/2020 Falconer presentation AMS
2019/2020 MakeyMakey Invention Kits AMS
2019/2020 Michael Nearney - guest speaker APHS
2020/2021 E-Sports Grant AMS
2020/2021 Story Pirates PES/WSL/MH APCSD
2020/2021 Warrior Wellness AMS
2021/2022 Story Pirates >
2021/2022 WSL One Book One School WSL
2021/2022 Music Departments: Percussion MH, WSL, PES
2021/2022 Odyssey of the Mind Support APHS
2021/2022 Construction Technology Equipment
2021/2022 Audutorium Lighting APHS
2021/2022 Ceramics Kiln MH
2021/2022 Ceramics Kiln AMS
2021/2022 Sensory/Reading Space PES
2021/2022 Musical Licensing Fees APHS
2022/2023 Tay Fisher Anti-Bullying Presentation AMS
2022/2023 WSL Therapy Dog WSL
2022/2023 WSL Reading Pod WSL
2022/2023 MH Flex Seating Space MH
2022/2023 GlowForge Laser AMS
2022/2023 APHS Campus wide Composting APHS
2022/2023 Elementary Specialized Playground Equipment WSL, 12:1:1, & community
December 2023 Elementary Lego spike kits MH, WSL, PES
December 2023 Miller Hill sensory Equipment MH
December 2023 Homespun Occasions participatory cultural event APHS French students, jazz band AMS orchestra
April 2024 Hydroponic Systems growing kits MH,WSL,PES
April 2024 Cornell Cooperative Extension Enrichment Programs MH
April 2024 Stephen Hill person in recovery speaker (in conj. with SADD, and OPIATES) APHS French students, jazz band AMS orchestra
April 2024 Bruce Coville author speaker MH, WSL, PES
April 2024 Perry Ground "Stories from the longhouse" Native American speaker MH, WSL, PES
April 2024 "Hallway Oasis" instructional hallway learning space WSL

Educator Enrichment Grants

2020 PK-@ SDE 2 Day Conference Liz Hawthorne & Terry O'Dell WSL
2020 Conversational Solfege Level I: Music Dpt Grant Andrea Lubbers MH
2020 Jo Boaler Growth Mindset Workshop Jon Zehnder APHS
2020 National Association of Home Builders Conference James Cole APHS
2020 FETC: Future of EdTech Conference Melissa Weatherwax AP District Office
2020 Tableau Training Kristin Card AP District Office
2022 2023 ISTE Conference & Expo Dave Hansen & Tim McMurray AMS
2022 TESOL Annual Conference Laura Shmidt & Jessical Malone WSL
2022 Cornell Lab of Ornithology Educator Retreat Darlene Kehn Hunter APHS
2023NCSM Conference Jon Zehnder APHS
2023Snow Farm Sculpture Conference Amy Bailey APHS
2023Cornell Lab of Ornithology Educator Retreat Darlene Hunter APHS
2023STANYS Conference Science Department APHS
2024Building Thinking Classrooms Nicole Freeman APHS
2024Hog Island Audubon Educator Week Camp Darlene Hunter APHS
2024American Council on Teaching Foreign Language ConferenceWorld Language Department APHS


AMS Algonquin Middle School
APCSD Averill Park Central School District
APHS Averill Park High School
Elementary All elementary schools
MH Miller Hill Elementary
OOTM Odyssey of the Mind
PES Postenkill Elementary School
WSL West Sand Lake Elementary

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Honey Bee Chamber and Observation

Averill Park High School 2014